Thursday, April 26, 2012

Literacy KC Environmental PSA Experiences

Over 225,000 people struggle with illiteracy in Kansas City. I chose to use these experiences to simulate the emotions felt individuals who struggle with reading comprehension and learning to read. In that, I decided to get behind Literacy KC—an organization that certifies volunteers and tutors and matches them with adult learners. To do this, I designed three, environmental PSAs based on the three most prominent emotions in the learning process; embarrassment, feeling overwhelmed and victory. These visceral experiences make use of human sensory responses through the use of sound, touch, and sight in order to evoke the proper emotion from the visitor. Each will be located right outside the Kansas City public library plaza branch. After experiencing each emotion, the visitor will empathize with illiterate individuals and be prompted to give their time to as a volunteer or tutor by contacting Literacy KC.




Literacy KC Environmental Experiences

Friday, April 20, 2012

Color Edit "Overwhelming" Experience

I tried the yellow...and do not like it. I am going to use the hot pink with the rule that it will be seen in a saturated hue despite what I said in the previous post. This will be a bold addition and compliment to the yellow.

Process Documentation: 12

On Monday, I showed my process up to this point. From here, I will be adding a call to action to my "explanation board" text that tell the viewer what is going on. This will talk about how they are able to read the text and ask them to become aware of the problem in Kansas City. It was said that the pink on the inside of the "overwhelming" experience was similar to painting the inside of prison cells to create a calming effect. This idea came out in the early 90s and has been tested, proven and debated since then (from what I gather). This shade of "cool down" pink is much lighter than the hot pink I want to use in my "overwhelming" experience. However, I am still going to change my pink to the yellow already being used in the experience. Yellow is said to grab-attention (and make you hungry) and, if at the right shade, will irritate and overwhelm the viewer. Based on the research I have collected this semester, I have found that, in general, the psychological associations or stimulus of color in an environment depends on 1) value & hue of color 2) personal experiences and cultural connections and 3) amount/how the color is used.

Also, I would like to be able to show the video on the wall of the elevator to scale on the presentation screen. This isn't a necessity but I would like to get as close to real life as possible. I will also show a whole wall of the video. I have been fumbling around different video software in order to make this possible without crashing my presentation. I am continuing to work on/correct the photoshopped images as well since I am not building a model (Note the mistakes in the presentation).

From here, I am editing my presentation (both content and form) and will hopefully present 3, clear environmental experiences on Monday.

Degree Project Final Presentation Process Draft

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Process Documentation: 11

This past week, I have been editing my video for the overwhelmed experience to put into the 126 1'x1' screens that will make up the walls of the elevator. I have brought it into after effects and will be placing the video in context. In addition to this, I have changed the exposure on the video to brighten each screen and create more of an overpowering presence in the elevator. This will contrast with flashing black on the screens at certain times.

I plan on showing my final experiences through the presentation (which is currently in process) in as much detail as possible through the screen. This will include video and audio. In addition this, I will have 3 printed images of the experiences photoshopped in context as well as printed plan drawings (see previous post).

Also, I have been working away on my process pdf which is going to be very robust. I didn't realize how wordy I can get on blogger. Here are some samples of this:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Process Documentation: 10

I have finalized each of my three experiences:

This will appear in the stairwell of the library garage.

The text includes the top, 100 classic books in the United States and remain jumbled and illegible until the top of the staircase. As the visitor walks up the stairs, they will trigger the sensor placed on each step after the first step and hear, " step, spark, courage, memory, excitement, confidence, determination, strengthen, endurance, resolve, certainty, victory!" Both the text and sound are attempting to symbolize the experience of learning to read and achieving your goal at the top of the flight of stairs. The visitor will experience this process by physically stepping up the stairs and feeling accomplished at the top.

The flight of stairs contains windows that will be covered with plexiglass that will have the text in vinyl over it but still allow the light to show through. The window at the top of the stairs will also be covered and the stair climber will see the words, "Literacy Kansas City" with the sky showing through the surface in the background. The wall text itself will be applied to the surface of the garage in black vinyl over a painted, dull white (to show the connection to reading pages in a book) on the concrete wall.

This environment is found right outside the entrance to the library in a small stone garden that is placed there now. The space is framed by a small staircase that leads to the bus stop beside the library. I will be removing the trees and stepping stones but leave the landscape gravel as the floor to the space.

Each of the panels will be made from solid, 1" plexiglass and form a maze for the visitor to walk through. Since the panels are transparent, the visitor will be confused as they try and find their way through the space. At each opening a sensor will shout the words, "WRONG" and "NO" when they pass through. This will make them think they are going the wrong way even though this is the only way through—making them embarrassed. Not only will the shouting be loud, but the visitor will remain in public site through the whole experience. Onlookers will be able to observe (and hear) every move through the space.

At the end of the maze, I will install a large-scale, wall graphic in place of this library graphic that is currently on the stairs leading to the bus stop. This will simply state, "Literacy Kansas City" to let the visitor understand the purpose of the maze environment as it connects with the public library.

I have moved this experience from the tiny hallway I had first planned on placing it in (found inside the library) and moved it to the parking garage elevator. This makes all three experiences outside the library. This emphasizes the fact that illiterate individuals are usually not found inside the actual library but holds the concept of reading due to the close proximity of the experiences. Placing the "overwhelmed" experience inside the elevator of the garage will still involve the physical lack of control and moving experience (from the previous moving floor that I had planned for the experience).

The walls of the elevator will be covered floor to ceiling in small, 1' x 1' screens that will simultaneously show close-up shots of emotions on unidentifiable faces. This would mean ___ total screens. Some will be seen at a fast pace, some slow and will include a strobe-like effect with flashing white on various screens. The ceiling of the elevator will be painted a bold pink. Both doors will be painted an intense yellow.. The sound of multiple voices talking at once will play once the doors have closed and the elevator is moving up or down.

The outside elevator doors will have the words, "Literacy Kansas City" on it that the visitor will see before they enter the space. Since the elevator is such a tight space, I don't want to make the visitor panic. To prevent this, the purpose (literacykc) will inform them before entering the elevator.