Thursday, April 12, 2012

Process Documentation: 11

This past week, I have been editing my video for the overwhelmed experience to put into the 126 1'x1' screens that will make up the walls of the elevator. I have brought it into after effects and will be placing the video in context. In addition to this, I have changed the exposure on the video to brighten each screen and create more of an overpowering presence in the elevator. This will contrast with flashing black on the screens at certain times.

I plan on showing my final experiences through the presentation (which is currently in process) in as much detail as possible through the screen. This will include video and audio. In addition this, I will have 3 printed images of the experiences photoshopped in context as well as printed plan drawings (see previous post).

Also, I have been working away on my process pdf which is going to be very robust. I didn't realize how wordy I can get on blogger. Here are some samples of this:

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