Friday, April 20, 2012

Process Documentation: 12

On Monday, I showed my process up to this point. From here, I will be adding a call to action to my "explanation board" text that tell the viewer what is going on. This will talk about how they are able to read the text and ask them to become aware of the problem in Kansas City. It was said that the pink on the inside of the "overwhelming" experience was similar to painting the inside of prison cells to create a calming effect. This idea came out in the early 90s and has been tested, proven and debated since then (from what I gather). This shade of "cool down" pink is much lighter than the hot pink I want to use in my "overwhelming" experience. However, I am still going to change my pink to the yellow already being used in the experience. Yellow is said to grab-attention (and make you hungry) and, if at the right shade, will irritate and overwhelm the viewer. Based on the research I have collected this semester, I have found that, in general, the psychological associations or stimulus of color in an environment depends on 1) value & hue of color 2) personal experiences and cultural connections and 3) amount/how the color is used.

Also, I would like to be able to show the video on the wall of the elevator to scale on the presentation screen. This isn't a necessity but I would like to get as close to real life as possible. I will also show a whole wall of the video. I have been fumbling around different video software in order to make this possible without crashing my presentation. I am continuing to work on/correct the photoshopped images as well since I am not building a model (Note the mistakes in the presentation).

From here, I am editing my presentation (both content and form) and will hopefully present 3, clear environmental experiences on Monday.

Degree Project Final Presentation Process Draft

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