Thursday, April 26, 2012

Literacy KC Environmental PSA Experiences

Over 225,000 people struggle with illiteracy in Kansas City. I chose to use these experiences to simulate the emotions felt individuals who struggle with reading comprehension and learning to read. In that, I decided to get behind Literacy KC—an organization that certifies volunteers and tutors and matches them with adult learners. To do this, I designed three, environmental PSAs based on the three most prominent emotions in the learning process; embarrassment, feeling overwhelmed and victory. These visceral experiences make use of human sensory responses through the use of sound, touch, and sight in order to evoke the proper emotion from the visitor. Each will be located right outside the Kansas City public library plaza branch. After experiencing each emotion, the visitor will empathize with illiterate individuals and be prompted to give their time to as a volunteer or tutor by contacting Literacy KC.




Literacy KC Environmental Experiences

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